Your contact with us is anonymous.  You may be eligible to receive a reward of up to $1,000.You can report on crimes or fugitives you have knowledge about, whether or not it has been in the news or on this site.

Phone - Call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
  • Toll free from anywhere in Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin
  • Answered 24/7 by live person
  • We do not record caller ID
  • We don't ask for your name
  • We accept and translate calls in different languages
  • Each caller is given their own unique Tip ID which allows them to provide additional information or for checking on the status for receiving a reward

Online - Click on our Web Tip Submit Button

  • A Web Tip Information Form will appear
  • Select the language needed - Spanish, French, Somali or English
  • You will be assigned a unique Tip ID for your tip
  • Create your own personal password
  • We do not track or record Internet URL or email address information
  • Provide additional information to the tip at any time using your Tip ID
  • You may receive questions from Crime Stoppers which are also anonymous to clarify information or get more details for law enforcement

Mobile - App

  • FREE App available through either the Apple or Android stores
  • Install the App as directed
  • Follow the directions given on the App

To qualify for a reward from Crime Stoppers of Minnesota

Your information about a suspect, felony crime or fugitive must be submitted directly to Crime Stoppers of Minnesota through a phone call to our toll-free phone number, our online web tip form, or by using our mobile TipSubmit App before the suspect referred has been arrested.
 Crime Stoppers of Minnesota offers a reward of up to $1,000 only for information that leads to an arrest in a felony case, or that leads to the capture of a wanted fugitive.  Our payment of a reward is not limited to cases highlighted on our website or reported in the media but any arrest that meets the above criteria.
 The actual amount of the reward paid is based on factors reported to us by the arresting authority such as but not only the usefulness of the tip; level of crime; responsiveness of the tipster; that are consistently evaluated and applied by the Board of Directors of Crime Stoppers of Minnesota.  
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota cannot be responsible for how our offer of a reward is re-stated or re-worded by other third parties such as newspapers, law enforcement or electronic media.  The only reward offer we will honor is specified here. 
Notification that a reward is payable to the tipster will be made confidentially by Crime Stoppers to the tipster after we receive information from the arresting authority and after the Board of Directors makes its reward determination.
 A reward authorized for payment will remain eligible for collection for 90 calendar days from the date we send the tipster notification of that payment being available.  After that 90 day period if not collected, our payment offer will expire.  Uncollected money will then be returned to the Crime Stoppers of Minnesota reward fund for future rewards.  
Supplemental reward amounts (offered by a third-party to make the reward larger than the amount $1,000 offered by Crime Stoppers of Minnesota) will be calculated using the same criteria of evaluation unless specifically stated otherwise in that specific reward offer.
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota does not control supplemental reward funds nor sets the guidelines for how long those rewards will be honored.  Supplemental rewards can have expiration dates and specific rules.

After the collection period has expired, no reward amount will be paid to the tipster.