About Our Organization

Who is Crime Stoppers?
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1979 that operates separately and independently from law enforcement.  We collect information about crimes that may not otherwise be available to authorities so that the person providing the information remains anonymous.
Mission Statement 
To be a bridge between citizens who wish to remain anonymous and law enforcement, helping solve crimes and making Minnesota a safer place.  
Vision Statement 
To develop innovative resources and partnerships that promote Crime Stoppers throughout Minnesota.  
Your Support at Work
Private donations and fundraising efforts fund us.
Our volunteer Board of Directors includes people from throughout Minnesota who provide direction on financial and operational activities. 
The Board of Directors determines reward amounts and distributes them to tipsters confidentially.

Board of Directors

Camila Gadotti      Chair
Ruth Hovey      Vice Chair
Evan Keller      Treasurer
Brad Morrison      Secretary
Don Davis      Board Member
Andy Zyvoloski      Compliance Officer
Paul Van Steenhuyse      Board Member
Nicholas Luciano      Board Member
Constance Tuck      Board Member
Phil Pascuzzi      Board Member
Renee Wiggins      Board Member
John Elder      Ex Officio Board Member, Robbinsdale Police Department
Colleen Myhre      Ex Officio Board Member, BCA
Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is widely supported by law enforcement leaders from across the entire state of Minnesota. 
Crime Doesn't Pay...We Do!